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Please prepare a copy of you recent bill, either a PDF or a picture of it and send it to us at, or load it up using the form below.

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What are the Next Steps?

The evaluation process is the next step to confirming if you qualify for Small Business Buster. If you have an energy bill available in PDF format, please feel free to upload it using the form below, or email it to us to commence the qualification review. Someone from our office will be in touch with you in the coming days to confirm your participation.

Energy Bill-Buster - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Energy Bill-Buster? +

Rather than provide standard competitive offers for business customers on small market tariffs, Energy Action leverages its market leading negotiation capability to secure you a unique deal on a group basis to unlock discounts not always available to the public. As a small business owner or decision maker, you can register your interest to participate in the process before the cut off period and we will facilitate the negotiation on your behalf via a group tender. Once your offer has been finalised, you will be notified of the offer and if you're happy with the discount we secure, you can sign the agreement.

How does the Energy Bill-Buster work? +
  1. Register online - You will then receive an email asking to send a copy of your latest electricity bill (all pages). To do this, you can either snap a picture, or scan or upload a PDF of your electricity bill. If you have multiple sites, you can upload each electricity bill and we will bundle them together in the same Energy Bill-Buster!
  2. Once we have your details, a buying group is formed and we approach energy retailers to shop for the best deal.
  3. If you're happy with the discount we secure, you can sign the agreement.
What are the benefits to my business? +
  • It's risk free: No upfront costs, participation charges or hidden registration frees
  • Simple registration with "Snap, Send & Save"
  • Leverage group buying power
  • Benefit from our market leadership in energy brokerage and contract negotation
  • Super convenient
  • Give your business an unfair advantage
Why not just take up a deal today with my current retailer or typical comparison site? +

Retailers usually have enticing competitive offers, but have you noticed there is always a better offer if you choose to leave?  And comparison sites demand high fees from retailers to pay for their sales and marketing campaigns.  The Energy Action approach ensures maximum competitive tension to achieve a special deal for your business.  As the leading broker and consultant for business in Australia we have the necessary skills and retail relationships to secure great savings for customers and maintain long term relationships.

Will I definitely get the new deal? +

Retailers may exclude certain customers from their offer due to their credit or pricing decisions for your specific business and tariff.

Guarantee: The Energy Bill-Buster offer will be better than any generally available offer from our panel of retailers.

Am I obliged to take the offer once it's negotiated? +

No. We will negotiate on your behalf, but if you feel the offer we present isn't suited to you, or doesn't beat your existing pricing, you are not required to sign up. The final decision still lies with you. You really have nothing to lose by being a part of the Energy Bill-Buster campaign

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