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What is an Energy Reverse Auction?

In simple terms, an Energy Reverse Auction is when energy companies bid against each other for your energy account by offering cost savings. It is the most competitive method because energy suppliers are forced to compete against each other under the pressure of a time limited auction with only one winner.

Don't renew your energy contract before you maximise your savings. With an Energy Reverse Auction, energy companies will bid against each other for your contract, leading to the best possible discounting of your energy business.

Our 20 years history and established auction platform is the most competitive marketplace for energy contracts in Australia. Register today to reduce your energy costs and maximise. The entire process is simple and easy.

How it works?

Meet our CEO and watch this video to find out how the AEX platform saved one business over $97,000 using an energy reverse auction.


Only Six Easy Steps From Start to Finish

  • 1

    Review Your Requirements, Assess Options and Pre-Qualify for Reverse Auction

  • 2

    Energy Contract Specifications are Created for the Auction Process

  • 3

    Auction Date is set and Energy Retailers Invited to Participate in the Reverse Auction

  • 4

    Your Reverse Auction Commences With Participating Energy Suppliers

  • 5

    Live Bidding Ends, Auction Finishes and Savings Reports Produced

  • 6

    Select Your New Energy Supplier and Secure Your Savings to Start When Your Current Contract Ends.

Is an Auction Blitz for me?

The Last Year's Results

Watch Tim and Sydney talk about last year's results and why you should sign up for an energy reverse auction.


Don't Take it From us... See What our Customers are Saying...

  • …Energy Action have been nothing short of outstanding with the qualified advice, continued support and, perhaps most important, a keen sense of urgency
    Imran QureshiStrategic Sourcing & Procurement Director | Walkinshaw HSV
      Imran Qureshi
  • Energy Action’s procurement process identified an opportunity for Wilson Transformer Company to significantly reduce the cost of our energy account.  Our Accounts Manager gave us excellent advice, drawing upon the team of energy experts within Energy Action. Energy Action handled the entire process professionally from start to finish whilst keeping us informed along the way. We encourage anyone wanting to reduce their energy cost to consider using Energy Action to assist them.
    Scott ShepherdSupply Chain Manager | Wilson Transformer Company
      Scott Shepherd
  • Energy Action made the tedious task of securing our multi-site energy contracts transparent and easy. Their process was simple, the results were quick and easy to compare and I’m happy with the service my Account Manager provided. I would recommend them to any Club seeking an energy partner that is highly knowledgeable and can secure them a contract in an efficient manner.
    Frank RaitiCEO Blacktown Workers Club Ltd
      Frank Raiti
  • Excellent execution of the reverse auction – an innovative, flexible and fast procurement process and we felt well supported by our Account Manager.
    Peter WearneGeneral Manager - Facilities | MCC/MCG
      Peter Wearne
  • We couldn’t be happier with the service and results provided by Energy Action. Their auction process was simple and our account manager was excellent, ensuring we were provided with relevant updates and information throughout the process. At the end of the auction we were presented with a clear and concise report allowing us to make a decision on securing our next contract. The savings we secured are going to help fund some exciting community initiatives and give us an opportunity to look into energy Effiency projects as well
    Sue McNeillCEO | Cronulla RSL
      Sue McNeill
  • We were made aware of the “Reverse Auctionand “Quote Buster Reverse Auction” where bidders put forward their best price…it’s all very open and transparent. …Anchor Foods is very happy to have gone with Energy Action, adopting the auction process, resulting in substantial financial savings for both power and gas contracts
    Deepak NarayanakuttyFinancial Controller & Co Sec | Anchor Foods
      Deepak Narayanakutty
  • Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) have worked with Energy Action for a number of years and we are very satisfied with the service the current team have provided. Services include reporting, procurement and account management. Their service and professionalism is excellent, always quick to respond to queries and have taken the greater part of it when it comes to renewing contracts off our shoulders.
    Esther VenuhARTC
      Esther Venuh
  • Energy Action have been valuable to our business in assisting us with analysis of usage, market conditions, and advice on providers across Australia.  We recently procured a new contract with projected savings of ~35% per year in energy expenses.
    Wayne JonesCEO Indoor Skydive Australia
      Wayne Jones
  • Working with Energy Action was one of the best decisions I have made. Comparing energy contracts yourself and deciphering what every charge is to ensure you get the best deal is a real nightmare. I'm so time poor having her go through everything so thoroughly made my life so much easier. My Account Manager is very professional in her approach, and the auction was a great way to ensure a transparent approach to selecting an energy supplier. I highly recommend Energy Action
    Calandra Barrett Manager | Cockburn Ice Arena
      Calandra Barrett
  • We have been a client of Energy Action’s since 2013 and recently used their services to take advantage of the low pricing in the market as advised by our Account Manager. Following the advice from our Account Manager, we took our sites across NSW and QLD to auction and were delighted to save approximately $290,000, which represented over 30% in savings on the retail portion of our electricity bill. I would have no hesitations recommending Energy Action’s services to any aged care facility that is looking for a trusted partner for their energy management needs.
    Rob HallCFO / Secretary | Christadelphian Aged Care
      Rob Hall
  • The Energy Metrics service provided by Energy Action has helped ensure we are being correctly charged on our bills and the reporting has given us the visibility required to understand and have more control over our energy costs – this has saved us valuable time and resources we didn’t have in-house to do this.
    Imran QureshiStrategic Sourcing & Procurement Director | Walkinshaw HSV
      Imran Qureshi
  • ...we were pleasantly surprised when our Account Manager informed us that our Gas Metrics service had identified billing errors for two of our sites of approximately $180,000. Due to the complexity of electricity and gas meter data and often confusing billing dynamics, we may not have identified the billing errors associated with withdrawal charges.
    Adel SalmanGeneral Manager | Supply Chain, Bega Cheese Limited
      Adel Salman
  • Hidden Brick Vineyards participated in the Energy Bill-Buster process conducted by Energy Action. We couldn’t believe the savings we secured from a process that was so simple! Across seven sites, we are expecting a projected total saving of over $3000 per year. I would have no hesitation recommending any business sign up to the process. The results speak for themselves!
    Ashley ChabrelManager | Hidden Brick Vineyards
      Ashley Chabrel
  • The Tool Chrome Company recently participated in the Energy Bill-Buster process conducted by Energy Action. We were surprised that there were more savings to be made from a process that was so simple! We are expecting a projected saving of roughly $1000 per year compared to our previous offer. I would have no hesitation recommending any business sign up to the process
    David FleerThe Tool Chrome Company
      David Fleer
  • …I am really impressed with Energy Action’s performance in embedded network management. Energy Action sorted out all the problems that [previous provider] could not resolve for the past 12 months and corrected all the billing errors that we have since we took over the site. For Dandenong Plaza, just the revenue and saving that Energy Action recovered from the billing errors already covered the setup fee.
    Ping CHAIOperations Manager | Dandenong Plaza
      Ping CHAI
  • Energy Action took on the management of 17 of our existing Embedded Networks under a consistent scope. Energy Action have managed everything from developing system documentation and conducting compliance reviews, through to the on-boarding and billing of tenants, as well as management reporting
    Chris LuscombeHead of Operations and Sustainability | Charter Hall
      Chris Luscombe

Energy Reverse Auction - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Energy Reverse Auction? +

Our revolutionary auction platform, the Australian Energy Exchange (AEX) is a energy reverse auction supported by energy providers that allows businesses to take advantage of forced downward energy pricing.

Nationally, we have over 20 energy retailers we invite to your reverse auction ready to bid against each other for your business.

Why is now a perfect time for an Energy Reverse Auction? +

Retail electricity prices for Commercial & Industrial customers have had a declining trend. All states are at, or approaching, 2-year price lows. Price backwardation remains in excess of $20-$30/MWh from 2019 to 2022. Major reductions are noted for Calendar 2021. 2023 futures have also begun moving downwards but lack trading volume liquidity. We expect 2023 prices to reduce further. All the signs are there to lock in great pricing to capitalise on this market trend.

Do I have to sign up right away? +

Your new energy contract can start when your existing contract expires, this can be between the next 30 days to 12 months or longer, depending on how early you start this process.

Why is this excellent for my business? +

If you have a contract due to renew in the next 9 months - you need to act fast before pricing starts moving upwards! Your current energy supplier may attempt to capitalise on your reducing contract duration and force you to lock into rates that are less than favourable to you.

An auction is one of the fastest way to secure the best deal taking advantage of maximum competition with minimal effort from you! The best part is you still get the final decision on which offer you choose!

Why is this different to a group buying alternatives? +

A energy reverse auction differs from a group buying event because it maximises the benefits of active competition against conditions that more favourable to your outcomes.

Your auction is individual, so you benefit from the pricing being directly related to your load profile and contract needs.

It also means there is no risk of pricing being reviewed under clauses relating to all parties needing to sign for pricing to remain valid. You are responsible for signing off on your own contract secured through the auction's results.

Sounds too simple - is there a catch? +

Because the auction process forces energy retailers to put their best possible prices forward, they cannot offer long validity on their deals. Once you commit to an auction, you need to be ready to take a deal, even though it the contract wont start until your current contract expires. The decision of who you choose is completely up to you.

Why has the Australian Energy Exchange (AEX) been so successful? +

In plain terms, our reverse auction platform, The Australian Energy Exchange, is effectively a marketplace where large businesses, spending over $25,000/year, go to buy their electricity. It’s a successful marketplace because energy retailers are very active and engaged with it. For any marketplace to work, there needs to be plenty of buyers and sellers keen to do business. Energy Action pioneered the concept of reverse auctions for energy in Australia almost 20 years ago. We are just creating the opportunity to bring everyone together at a critical period in the energy industry.

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